Study Shows Timeshares Lead to Happier, More Frequent Vacations

9.11.15HRecently the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) conducted a survey of over 1,000 vacationers and found some interesting results. ARDA was looking to see how Timeshare ownership affects vacationer’s choices about the frequency and types of vacations they take.

The most interesting finding is that one third of timeshare owners took four or more vacations a year as compared to only 18% of non-timeshare owners. Also interesting is that vacationers that have taken more than four vacations in the past three years are more likely to be travelling with family and friends.

Lately there has been a lot of news about the fact that too many Americans are not using their full vacation time including a Time Magazine report, ‘Who Killed the Summer Vacations?’ According to Howard Nusbaum, President and CEO of ARDA, “Our answer has to be, it wasn’t the timeshare owner.  Not only do timeshare owners vacation more, they also experience a happier, more relaxing vacation time, usually spent with their loved ones—which we all know is tough to come by with today’s hectic lifestyles.” Nusbaum goes on to say, “The ease of planning, spacious accommodations, and the ability to choose resorts all over the world all lead to a better overall vacation experience for timeshare owners.”

The study also revealed that those people who have taken more than four vacations are more likely to travel with friends and family. Timeshare owners responded that the easy planning and prepaid vacation expenses made it easier to coordinate family trips as opposed to those with no interest in a timeshare who tend to do more solo travelling. Furthermore timeshare owners and those likely to consider a timeshare express more happiness across all phases of the vacation lifecycle than those who do not own a timeshare and would not consider one.

In the study relaxation was cited as the most important aspect of planning a future vacation. 45% of timeshare owners responded that relaxation was the most important consideration in their planning process while making memories was second at 21%.

This recent study makes clear that timeshare owners love relaxing with friends and family and it is caused by the facts that timeshare owners don’t have to worry about all of the headaches of planning their vacations and that their luxurious and spacious accommodations are already paid for.

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