Construction May 4th at the Grand Colorado on Peak 8

Grand Colorado Construction Update – May 4th

Interior construction continues to make immense progress this month! Check out all the updates, achievements and more this construction crew has been able accomplish this month!

  • The pool courtyard deck is scheduled for waterproofing.
  • The north side stone veneer is complete and work is in progress on the south side.
  • The exterior on floors 2-5 have completed sheathing, siding and trip.
  • The storefront glass is 50% complete on the first floor.
  • Floors 2-3 have drywall texture and painting complete while the 4th floor is underway.
  • The 3rd floor 50% complete on bathroom tile, fireplace tile, and the ceramic wood flooring.
  • The 3rd waterfall structure is 80% complete.
  • The indoor pool coping stone is being installed.
  • The 3rd floor cabinets have been delivered.
  • Orders are placed for the doors, hardware, and prefinished trim for floors 2-4.
  • Mechanical room is 90% complete. The boiler and chiller startup has been scheduled for August.
  • Electrical room is 90% complete.
  • Pool mechanical room is 50% complete.Phase #2 Updates:
  • The floors 2-4 are framed.
  • Framing is 80% complete on the 1st floor.
  • Electrical and mechanical rough–in are in process.Phase #3 Updates:
  • Steel structure is complete.
  • The wall framing for the exterior is complete.
  • Roof dry-in is underway.

The construction is well underway at Grand Colorado on Peak 8. We are excited to share the most luxurious resort in Breckenridge with you, your family and friends. Make sure to like us on Facebook for the most recent updates and news!