Construction Update - July 6th

Grand Colorado Construction Update – July 6th

Construction Update - July 6th

Pools are being put in place, and the interiors are looking good! We are certainly on track for Phase 1 to open its doors this fall! We are so excited! Check out what the crew has been up to since last month:

Phase 1 Updates:

  • Waterproofing completed on pool deck.
  • Stone veneer is complete on north side. Work is in process on south side.
  • Exterior sheathing, siding, and trim are complete on floors 2-5.
  • Storefront glass is complete on first floor.
  • Drywall texture and painting are complete on floors 2-4 and in process on Plaza.
  • Ceramic wood flooring, bathroom tile, and fireplace surround tile are complete on floors 2-4.
  • Structure for waterfall #3 is complete.
  • Pool coping stone is being installed in indoor pools.
  • Cabinets have been installed on floors 2-3.
  • Doors, hardware, and prefinished trim have been installed on floors 2-3.
  • Mechanical room is 90 percent complete. Boiler and chiller startup are scheduled for August.
  • Electrical room is 80 percent complete.
  • Pool mechanical room is 70 percent complete.

Phase 2 Updates:

  • Units are framed on floors 2-4.
  • Framing is 80 percent complete on first floor.
  • Electrical and mechanical rough-in are in process.
  • Drywall is being installed at demising wall.
  • Waterproofing has begun on the exterior patio above the lobby.

Phase 3 Updates:

  • Steel structure is 100 percent complete.
  • Exterior wall framing work is complete.
  • Roof dry-in is underway.

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