GC8: Ownership Elevated through Modern Elegance

8.4.15H-1Less is more. Modern elegance is achieved through incorporating the finest contemporary design with tasteful restraint. It focuses on polishing effective and simple details that will in turn compose a perfect whole. Modern elegance can’t be forced; it comes intrinsically when one understands the power of not needing to impress or overcompensate. The Grand Colorado on Peak 8 doesn’t need to be complicated or over-stimulating; the beauty of the propery speaks for itself. With this in mind, one can see how GC8 delivers the latest in luxurious amenities via sleek, graceful designs.

Practice makes perfect. After 30 years, over 20,000 owners and three elite resorts, BGV is creating its most magnificent dwelling yet. Residents of the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 will not only experience the essence of mountain life in Breckenridge, they will also delight in membership with the most innovative property of its kind. Reflecting upon their successes and challenges, BGV has been able to refine luxury slope-side living to a never before seen standard. As each former property progressed, BGV took into account which features did or didn’t add value, enabling them to eliminate excess and hone in on what is most important to consumers. BGV has spent three decades listening to its owners and without their vital feedback, wouldn’t have been able to make this dream a reality!

You can have your cake and eat it, too. BGV understands the value of simplicity; incorporating this into the aesthetics of the estate and it’s accessibility to both town and the most esteemed peak in Breckenridge. After all, you’re here to escape the stress and complexities that can creep into daily life, not fuss about the details. Enjoy some delicious spreads in the resurrected Bergenhof Restaurant, as it returns to its legacy in the heart of Peak 8. Meander just steps away to take an exhilarating ride up the Rocky Mountain SuperChair, Colorado six-pack Superchair or into town via the Breck Connect gondola. If that doesn’t appeal to you, book a lavish spa treatment at the highly anticipated Infinity Spa. Whatever your desire, the Grand Colorado on Peak 8 has an Effortless solution. The BGV family looks forward to seeing you there, where they’ll continue providing lifetimes of Grand Vacations. Stay tuned for more information in the ‘News & Updates” section!