Vacation on your own terms

Experiencing a Timeshare Vacation is about Vacationing on your Own Terms

Experience Vacation Ownership

Recently The American Resort Development Association released an infographic which shows that experiencing a timeshare vacation is about vacationing on your own terms and we love it! The infographic is based on research commissioned by the ARDA International Foundation over the past decade surveying owners why they value their timeshare. Respondents consistently cite the flexibility of product types and global locations as a resounding benefit of ownership.

The infographic shows how timeshare is really a world of options and is a quick guide showing the benefits and flexibility of owning a timeshare product.

Timeshare is unique in that since you own your product, you can trade it with other timeshare owners from all over the world and the better your timeshare is the more trading power you have.

Timeshare lets you vacation how and when you want. You can experience new cultures, reconnect with loved ones in a familiar place or visit a new destination each year. Not to mention with points and exchange programs you can vacation when you want.

Variety is the spice of life and timeshare resorts come in all shapes and sizes. With timeshare you can experience the luxury of vacationing with all of the comforts of home.

Timeshare is just a better way to vacation offering endless possibilities. With over 5300 timeshare resorts in over 100 countries there is no end to the places and styles of vacations you might want to take. So explore new places or revisit your favorite locations and reconnect with friends and family.

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