Construction Update – March 4

March 4 Update With the exterior siding being installed, Grand Colorado on Peak 8 is taking shape more than ever! The construction crew has made some significant strides this month. Here’s what they have been up to:

  • Insulation is complete and drywall is 90 percent complete in Phase 1 plaza and terrace units.
  • Exterior sheeting, siding, and trim are complete on floors two through five in Phase 1.
  • Texture and painting are complete on the second floor of Phase 1 units.
  • Fourth-floor-unit fireplaces are operational in Phase 1.
  • Tile installation to begin February 29 on second-floor Phase 1 units.
  • Shells for indoor pools and spa #5 are complete.
  • Waterfall #3 design is being changed, and design plans are in progress.
  • Sales Center and restaurant designs are complete.
  • Units are framed on floors two through four in Phase 2.
  • Exterior wall framing work is complete in Phase 3.

The construction at Grand Colorado is coming along. We are excited to share this luxury resort with you, your family and friends. Make sure to like us on Facebook for the most recent updates and news!